Winkerk 7




Download SQL Express 2005

Download the full installation file in format.
PLEASE NOTE This installation file can be used on new computers, as a replacement for CD's. This installation has to be used in conjuction with the components on the left.

Download FastBackup

Instructions on how to use Fastbackup


Winkerk 7 -  Installation manual Winkerk 7 installation manual for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
Winkerk 7 -  User manual This is the newest version available for the Winkerk 7 User manual
Backup and Restore of Winkerk7 data Download the document to be able to make backups for Winkerk 7 and restore data.
Mailmerge using Word 2007 making use of Winkerk 7 data

Download the guide that shows you how to do a mailmerge from Word 2007, with your Winkerk 7 data. 

It is important to download the document when you want to print labels.

SQL Tool Download SQL Tool here for usefull tools regarding SQL. With this tool you can backup and restore Winkerk 7 data.